Mason Jar Giving

In 2009, Rolling Acres Music Park was given an idea by Marvin Parsons of the Dominion Trio to have mason jars available to give out to people that would be interested in taking them home and through the year between Jubilees they could put coins and money in the jar and bring them back to the park to help offset expenses.  This really helped Rolling Acres to help offset some of the expenses and the talent and park upkeep.

If you would like to help Rolling Acres Music Park by helping pay for some of the talent and some of the expenses, we would be grateful to you for helping us support the park.

You could donate to the park in memory of or in honor of a loved one, or just for the sake of furthering Rolling Acres Music Park and bringing Southern Gospel Music to one of the best music parks around!!!

Any amount would be appreciated, no amount is too small.  You can give privately or we will acknowledge it, however you choose!  The park sends Thank You cards for every donation and at the end of the year you will receive a statement for your gift(s).

God knows the need and the desire of Rolling Acres Music Park!  Our desire is to first lift the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Secondly, to give folks a place where they can come for a week and be blessed by the best music in the world, Southern, Country and Bluegrass Gospel Music.